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Generation UK – India offers young people from the UK the chance to experience India through unique and exciting placements across a variety of sectors mainly in educational environments.

Schools across India are looking to add an international dimension to their teaching. Generation UK-India teaching assistantships give the chance to get involved. Teaching Assistants support schools by teaching subjects across the curriculum to primary and secondary age groups.

We at MLZS, Barh had the opportunity to hoist the teaching assistants in the month of July 2016. Miss Alice Crilly and Miss Vaishnavi Bongale came to our school as teaching assistants on 14 July 2016. They were given a warm welcome by the faculty members and students. They started their journey in the school teaching English and got involved in all the activities of the school. They have expressed their experiences in their own words.

“Thank you so much Mount Litera Zee school, Barh for having me at your school for the past two months. I have been made to feel so welcome. As I was integrated in to the Mount literan family so effortlessly, the children at the school have been incredible, always eager to learn full of enthusiasm whether it be for our English lessons or drama productions that we have organized. Furthermore the support and guidance given by all teachers at the school has enabled me to do my best. It has been a pleasure to work in a school with such an innovative and exciting approach to learning and I will continue to savour this experience forever”.
Vaishnavi Bongale

“The two months I spent at Mount Litera Zee School Barh were an incredible experience, Mount Litera Zee School Barh is an exciting and dynamic environment to teach and learn in. There are an endless number of activities and programmes going on, driven by the students and teachers energy and dedication. I truly feel that I am part of a family here, I couldn’t have wished for better place to stay for my first trip to India. Thank you so much for all you have done, I won’t forget the kindness and warmth that you have shown”.
Alice Crilly