Hop Jump Play

HJP (Hop Jump Play) is a state-of-the-art Physical Education and Sports Program’ which addresses the much required holistic development of children at the grass root levels in schools. The Program not only facilitates extensive Physical & Physiological growth in children but offers effective stress management skills and enhanced self – esteem, confidence & learning capacity thereby inculcating the much required Physical Literacy in the children right from an early age. The entire Program curriculum is developed in line with NASPE (National Association for Sports & Physical Education) – USA guidelines which may be customized as per the requirement of National & International Boards of Schools.

Hop Jump Play sets-up an integrated pathway in nurturing talent from grass root level .Our laid down processes, while at one end nurture & make all the participating students fit, Active, healthy & Physically Literate it simultaneously continue to expose them to various sports, spot talent among them, Nurture the talent beyond their potential & inculcate the desired confidence & competitive strength in them to enable them to Participate in various competitions at various levels right from the grass root level – thereby creating a path to Produce Sports’ icons / Successful Sportsman / woman .

Hop Jump Play aims to Provide ample opportunity to imbibe the Physical exercises in a fun Loving and recreational manner in group and individual forms thereby inculcating social interactions skills, team skills i.e. in nutshell life skills in a child at an early age.

Keeping in view of the well being of children, we at MLZS has introduced this physical education programme for children.