Admission to MLZS Barh begins in Nursery. The eligible age for candidates seeking admission to Nursery should be with the age group of 2.5 to 4 years as on 1st April of the year of admission. Registration form along with prospectus will be available from school office.

Admission to class other than Nursery is subject to available vacancies.

Admission is granted purely on the basis of merit.

Applications for registration forms should be accompanied by an authentic proof containing the candidate’s date of birth. We accept date of birth certificates only from Municipal Corporation. A student coming from an affiliated and recognized school should produce a transfer certificate with a clear mention of his/her date of birth. Date of birth once recognized will not be altered.


Mount LItera Zee School admits all students irrespective of nationality, colour, gender, religion, caste, creed or ability levels as long as they fulfil all the other admission criteria.

MLZS is an equal opportunity institution with strict provisions and established procedures for screening suitable candidates from all those applying for admission. The first important criterion is the need to limit admission to a certain number of students per class as also per section. This will ensure high quality interaction between students and teachers. The students seeking admission to MLZS need to understand the unique features of the school’s curriculum, and present a matching wavelength compatible to the school’s philosophy.

Mount Litera Zee School, Barh Admits students in to every class it operates – provided there are vacancies.

Registration does not guarantee admission to the school. It only ensures that a candidate may appear for the admission test.

Admissions to all Pre-Primary classes are based only on observation sessions of candidates and interviews with candidates’ parents/guardians.

Admissions to classes’ I-V are a tow step process. First, candidates appear for a written test in English, Hindi, EVS and Mathematics conducted in the school premises. In the second step of admissions process, candidates who qualify in the written test appear for a personal interview. The overall performance of a candidate in the written test and the personal interview determines whether the concerned candidate is admitted or not. For admissions to classes VI-Viii, the candidates appear for English, Hindi, and Science & Mathematics. For Classes IX, entrance is conducted in English, Science & Mathematics.

The institution gives certain consideration to direct siblings of students currently in school.

A candidate seeking admission to classes I and above, should score at least 50% in each of the two/three papers for the written test to be eligible to be invited for the personal interview.

After granting of admission, parents are expected to complete the required formalities within a week, falling which the seat might be allotted to the next deserving candidate.