Smart Education

Institute of Abacus

“Smart Education“is registered Educational Society of Maharastra having registration no. MH-191/2010(CHD), Patna Municipal Corporation, where we teach Arithmetic on ABACUS, VEDIC MATHS, MEMORY TECHNIQUE and result have shown that, student of age group 5 to 14 years are calculating the Arithmetic problems faster than calculator. This unique syllabus is developed by scientific way to give exercise to human brain, which helps in various ways like it enhances the grasping power, concentration, recalling capacity, photographic memory also provide national as well as international platform to the students.

The students of ABACUS CONCEPT are definitely:

  • Develops his mental calculations ability.
  • Develops concentration, memory and information processing.
  • Provides a sense of achievement as one proficiency improves.
  • Helps in developing beneficial qualities of patience, endurance and photographic memory.

Before we start to explain the concept we would just like to ask you a few questions in math.4325 X 8 =? Or 7354 / 89 =? 434+657+863-478=? Did you pick up a pen and paper or a calculator? Now if we tell you that you need to do these sums without the help of any external aid you would probably laugh and say this is impossible. Or it would take you a long time to solve them. Can you imagine an eight-year-old child solving these sums that have baffled you in just eight seconds flat, without using any of the external aids mentioned above? We are sure that by now you are thinking, "Yeah, right!” As our company name suggests, we nurture minds for whole brain development, using Mental Math/Arithmetic as a medium and an abacus as a tool.

Benefits of the Abacus

The Abacus is use as tool for learning math/arithmetic. One particular use for the abacus is teaching children simple mathematics and especially multiplication. The abacus is an excellent substitute for rote memorization of multiplication tables, which some young children find daunting. The abacus is also an excellent tool for teaching other base numbering systems since it easily adapts itself to any base. Children naturally have vast potential of energy and brain power. But most parents do not know how to tap into the depths of these young minds in the right way and thus fail to realize and nurture these young minds to their fullest potential.

Functions of Brain

Our brain has two hemispheres, the LEFT-brain and the RIGHT brain. About 95% of our children use only the LEFT brain. They fail to use the RIGHT brain, which is the seat and origin of intelligence. LEFT-brain - Analyzing Information, Concerning Languages & Sound. RIGHT brain - Integrating Information, Thinking & Creativity. The Left and Right brains have their own specialized powers and functions. Our task is to activate BOTH parts of the brain simultaneously. By using BOTH the parts of brain, students can more fully realize their great potential. However, how can we motivate BOTH parts of the brain at a time? Learning abacus can accomplish this goal.

Abacus is a Latin word that has its origins in the Greek words abax or abakon (meaning "table" or "tablet") which in turn, possibly originated from the Semitic word abq, meaning "sand". The abacus is an instrument, a manual tool invented by the Chinese 2000 years ago. We offer training using the Japanese Soroban abacus, which is has one upper row of beads and four lower rows. We have found the Soroban abacus particularly effective for teaching mathematical calculating skills to young children. Using an abacus, a child can do all arithmetic calculations up to 10 digits and master the skill of doing it mentally, without relying on modern devices such as calculators. There are procedures and training methodologies to master abacus use. When children use both hands to move the beads for small and large arithmetic calculations, the quick communication between hands and brain stimulates brain cells, promoting quick, balanced and whole brain development.


LEFT brain:
Analyzing Information, Concerning Languages & Sound.
RIGHT brain:
Integrating Information, Thinking & Creativity.

Knowing about the advantages of this skill, we have adopted it completely in our system to encourage children from classes III to VI. It is gradually developing children to become great mathematicians of next generation.